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Here are some of the icons you will see and an explanation of what each one does:
You will see this symbol next to all activities until you log in with a valid username and password. Only registered users are permitted to sign up for EJRP programs.
Click this to see the location where the activity is scheduled to be held.
Click this to see a summary of the fees for an activity, based on non-resident status. After you log in with a valid user ID, you will see the correct price based on your residence.
Click this for class size information, including Max and Min counts, how many participatants are enrolled, and the size of the waitlist if applicable. Registered members may join the waitlist at no charge if a class is full.
Click this for detailed information about the activity, including age/grade restrictions, "no class" dates, instructor info, and a brief description of the activity.
This icon indicates that the activity is full, but in many cases members can join the waitlist at no charge.

All receipts are in .PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Your browser must also allow pop-ups to view receipts correctly.
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